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Digital Voice Recorder

RYL-K9 Pro

Unique Features
Covert Recording
Recovery of deleted file
Mobile Phone Recording
Telephone Recording
Voice Actiavated Recording
Filtering Background Noises
Voice Guidance
Hearing Aid
Triple Microphones
High Quality Recording
Long Time Recording
Scheduled Recording

Main Features

< Telephone Recording >

  • Telephone Recording On/Off via Telephone Adaptor
  • Time Display and Recording File name is saved as recording time & date
  • Telephone/Cell Phone Recording compatible with every telephone and cell phone

< Voice Recoding >

  • Long time recording up to 2,287 hours
  • Big Letters on the display for catching info. easily
  • Various Recording Modes
    • - Normal Recording with Beep Sound
    • - Silent Recording Mode without Beep Sound
    • - Covert Recording with No LCD Display
  • The most advanced recording option
    • - Changing the file No. in recording
    • - Recording to the recorded file(One file)
  • Current time display function
  • VAR(Voice Activated Recording)

< Covert Recording >

  • Secret Recording with No LCD Display
  • Covert Recording in the office, under the car seat up to 120 hours using external battery pack

< Recording of Business Talks >

  • Recording Mode Selectable(PCM/SHQ/HQ/SP/LP/SLP)
  • Monitoring in recording file
  • Telephone/Cell Phone Recording compatible with every telephone and cell phone
  • External Microphone for better recording quality

< User-friendly menu & functions of the recorder >

  • Recovery of the erased & quick format file
  • Hearing Aid function for the people who has a difficulty in hearing
  • File Editing available
  • Intro Scan function
  • Microphone Sensitivity Adjustment(Hi/Low)
  • Playback Speed Selectable from slow / normal / fast speed
  • Easy menu key
  • Display time to be left for recording
  • Outer Speaker with Amp.
  • Total 2,000 Files in 5 Folders(A/B/C/D/H)
  • USB 2.0 Interface
  • External Power Supply thru USB
  • AAA X 2 Battery (55hrs for record at SLP Mode)
  • Connecting External Audio Device
  • Firmware Update Available
43g(excluding Batt.) / Weight of the package: 330g including basic accessories

Recording Time
Mode 4GB 8GB
PCM1 12h 58m 26h
SHQ 28h 35m 57h 26m
HQ 47h 39m 96h 44m
SP 71h 29m 143h
LP 142h 287h
SLP 2,287h 4,596h
Basic Accessary
Manual, AAA Battery(2pcs), Earphone, Audio Cable, USB cable, Telephone Adapter,
Phone Cable, Cell Phone Recording Microphone

Optional Accessary
External Battery Pack
High Quality Amplifier Microphone / High Quality Amplifier Microphone with extension cable & clip

Professional Digital Voice Recorder RYL-K9 Pro